Friday, June 24, 2011

Costuming Challenge

So, Ive joined my kingdom costuming challenge. (Im a player in the SCA... see for more info) and the basics of this challenge is below.

4 layers to be completed by Dec. 31, 2011 with at least a monthly photo update.
$100 spending limit, but if you have a patron, the limit is $200. The idea behind this is to use items from your fabric stash.
Items began and finished in 2011 may be used for this challenge.

My plan:
Since my persona is 1550 English Tudor, I will be creating a noble class gown from this period.
Layer 1 - A Tudor Chemise. This will most likely be hand sewn.. so I will be doing this layer first.

Layer 2 - A Tudor Kirtle. This was the underlayer of all Tudor clothing of this time. Mine will be a gold diamond patterned fabric I purchased for $6.99 a yard. I only bought 3 yards so if I have to "fake it" I will. This is totally period accurate, as they would use the fancy expensive fabric in the front that would be seen, and used a inexpensive linen for the rest of the skirting, etc that would be not be seen as the gown will cover it. That takes me to layer 3...

Layer 3 - The gown. This was worn by nobles of the time and includes large tied on sleeves.
Here is a pic showing the style of gown Im thinking of using.

I love the sleeves on this dress! My gown will be black cotton, I think its a thinner corderoy with is similar to the cotton velvet they used in period.

Layer 4 - The accessory; a french hood. This is also in the linked portrait.

So there it is! Do you think I can get this all done in 6 months? We will see!

Ill be posting updates and pics as we go along.. so check back!

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