Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ACC Update, 8/10/2011

Got one cuff finished! Took me about 17 hours I figure because it takes me about an hour to do one motif. Looks awesome tho, Im very pleased with it.

I chose a pomegranate pattern in an omage to Catherine of Aragon. The pattern is also a symbol of Spain, Catherines home land. I found the pattern online at one day while browsing patterns and fell in love with it.
Granted, the pattern does take quite some time to do, but what better opportunity to show it off than this! The pattern does seem a bit long, but I figured a: I want more of a frilly cuff, and b: I'd rather have too much than not enough.
So I can cut it down if I need to.

Ive started the second cuff, but school full time and work full time are taking a lot of my time right now. I take my project to work and stitch on my breaks, and when I can force myself to sit still long enough.. I plan on taking about an hour today before work to sit and embroider. It makes me happy.. its my zen.

Thats all for now.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blackwork for Chemise, ACC Update

Garb Challenge Update time!

So my linen got here.. its wonderful! Im very pleased with my purchase.
I decided to do blackwork on the cuffs and perhaps the neck and I chose a pomegranite pattern.
The pattern turned out to be more difficult that I had first thought.. Im getting the hang of it tho..

Here's a progress photo.. this is about 6 hours of work...

Anyways, I got the rest of my chemise pieces cut out and its ready to sew... Im going back to embroidery now.. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yay for linen!

So I ordered my linen for my chemise.. hopefully it will get here some time next week.
I got 4 yards of 100% linen for $30 including shipping. I saved myself 10 bucks by buying two pieces that had previously been cut. One piece at 1.5 yards and the other at 2.5 yards.
If you havent checked it out, I highly recommend visiting

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garb Challenge Update 7/8/2011

So here's my inspiration photo..

The gown will be done in a lovely black cotton corderoy gifted by Lady Fiametta.. and the kirtle and the color part of the sleeves will be in a lovely gold brocade that I picked up at Home Fashion Fabrics for $6.99 a yard. I bought 3 yards, so that puts me just under $20.

Here's the brocade.

So I haven't yet begun on my project yet as I was doing some blackwork for my apprentice sister, Serafina for her upcoming Laurel Ceremony...

Also, since the published rules dont say that handsewing of the skin layer is required, Ive decided to machine sew it instead. That way I can add some blackwork and not be too stressed about time.

So I guess thats all for now..

Friday, June 24, 2011

So its been a while since Ive posted anything

and Ive made a few things so I thought I'd post pics.

Lets see... Some friends and I decided to make Elizabethan hand fans.. this is mine:

I also made a pretty necklace that will go with a Tudor dress I have planned to make later.

Hmmm... Think thats about it for now..

Costuming Challenge

So, Ive joined my kingdom costuming challenge. (Im a player in the SCA... see for more info) and the basics of this challenge is below.

4 layers to be completed by Dec. 31, 2011 with at least a monthly photo update.
$100 spending limit, but if you have a patron, the limit is $200. The idea behind this is to use items from your fabric stash.
Items began and finished in 2011 may be used for this challenge.

My plan:
Since my persona is 1550 English Tudor, I will be creating a noble class gown from this period.
Layer 1 - A Tudor Chemise. This will most likely be hand sewn.. so I will be doing this layer first.

Layer 2 - A Tudor Kirtle. This was the underlayer of all Tudor clothing of this time. Mine will be a gold diamond patterned fabric I purchased for $6.99 a yard. I only bought 3 yards so if I have to "fake it" I will. This is totally period accurate, as they would use the fancy expensive fabric in the front that would be seen, and used a inexpensive linen for the rest of the skirting, etc that would be not be seen as the gown will cover it. That takes me to layer 3...

Layer 3 - The gown. This was worn by nobles of the time and includes large tied on sleeves.
Here is a pic showing the style of gown Im thinking of using.

I love the sleeves on this dress! My gown will be black cotton, I think its a thinner corderoy with is similar to the cotton velvet they used in period.

Layer 4 - The accessory; a french hood. This is also in the linked portrait.

So there it is! Do you think I can get this all done in 6 months? We will see!

Ill be posting updates and pics as we go along.. so check back!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More on Bobbin Lace

Okay, so here are a few pictures of some bobbin lace in progress..

In this first pic, you can see the bobbins wound with the thread.. You only work with 4 bobbins at a time. 2 on the left, and 2 on the right. There are only two movements in weaving the lace. A twist, which moves to the left, and a cross, which moves to the right. As with knitting, every stitch is a variation of those two movements.

The stitches are held in place with a pin, which is later removed as you work your way through the pattern.

The second pic shows the lace being made with the pattern underneath. You can see the pins holding the stitches in place.

Depending on the pattern, the lace can either be worked in sections and then joined, or straight across from left to right, and then back right to left.

The last picture shows the lace after the pins have been removed and you can see the finished product. This lace in particular is an authentic pattern from 1559 AD England.

The lace is made of gold thread, and I made 12 feet of it. It took me about 5 weeks to complete the project.

You can also see the pillow that the lace is made on. This pillow, often called a cookie pillow, has a wood bottom, and is stuffed with foam. The foam right under the cotten covering is a sturdier foam, so the pins are held secure as the weaver tugs and pulls on the bobbins.

So thats my little tour of bobbin lace. You can find all sorts of videos on You Tube and on Google or Bing. Or you can just ask me.. Im full of info ;)