Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garb Challenge Update 7/8/2011

So here's my inspiration photo..

The gown will be done in a lovely black cotton corderoy gifted by Lady Fiametta.. and the kirtle and the color part of the sleeves will be in a lovely gold brocade that I picked up at Home Fashion Fabrics for $6.99 a yard. I bought 3 yards, so that puts me just under $20.

Here's the brocade.

So I haven't yet begun on my project yet as I was doing some blackwork for my apprentice sister, Serafina for her upcoming Laurel Ceremony...

Also, since the published rules dont say that handsewing of the skin layer is required, Ive decided to machine sew it instead. That way I can add some blackwork and not be too stressed about time.

So I guess thats all for now..

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  1. yeah but didn't you buy that brocade BEFORE the challenge? If so, that counts as stash :D